Other events

Le lazaret Ollandini – Ajaccio (www.lazaretollandini.com)

the ancient lazaret of the city has been renovated and turned into a place for exhibitions and music, film, cultural, science and philosophic events.

Rencontre d’art contemporain – Calvi (from June to September)

For three months the citadel of Calvi hosts exhibitions and sale of paintings, engravings, sculptures and other works from the best regional and oversea artists, who can be met in person during the event.

Zitellina in festa – Bastia (www.bastia.fr)

A big party for children and their families, organized by the local tourism association. Some huge inflatable structures are staged in the middle of the city to entertain children, accompanied with laboratories and music events.

Journées européennes du patrimoine (www.journeesdupatrimoine.culture.fr)

As in all the rest of Europe, these days represent a good chance to discover for free and with professional guides, monuments and beauties that are normally closed to the public during the rest of the year. To know the list of sites and monuments included in the program, consult the website of the Ministry of Culture or ask the local tourist offices.

Fête de la Bande Dessinée – Bastia (www.una-volta.org) (April)

International exhibition of comics, with Belgian and French artists dominating the scene.

Festimare – Ile Rousse (www.festimare.com) (May)

This big city event revolves around the sea in all its social and cultural aspects.

Lumières de Toscane – Porto Vecchio (first week of June)

Lyrical concerts, theatre performances, craftsmanship exhibitions, laboratories for school and a film exhibition with screenings and symposia held by Italian artists.

San Ghjuvà – Corte(24th June)

The feast of San Giovanni is celebrated with events and performances in the town of Corte.

Festival international de la bande dessinée – Ajaccio (www.bd-ajaccio.com) (end of June)

Contafoli/Le festival de la nuit du conte – Vero (end of June)

A homage to the art of story telling. During the event, the streets of the city fill up with people who gather up to listen to the story tellers’ tales.

Fête du Livre Corse – L’Ile Rousse (July)

An important event dedicated to literature

Rencontres Internationales de Théâtre – Olmi-Cappella (www.aria-corse.com) (between July and August)

It’s an international theatre stage, where both professional artists and amateurs can participate in staging performances and shows.

Festa di u mare – Santa Severa (last weekeend of July)

Antiquities, poetry competition, lessons of sea kayak, water games and a children parade: all this dedicated to the theme of water.

Ballu in Corti/Festival de danse de Corte – Corte (first week of August)

A festival dedicated to dance, in all its forms , in a week rich of performances by famous national and international artists.

A Santa di u Niolu – Casamaccioli (www.foireduniolu.com) (8-10 September)

The most ancient and known festival in Corsice, with singing competitions in all bars of the village. The event revolves around the celebration in honor of the Virgin statue, which was carried here some centuries ago on amuleback. There is a funny story behind this episode: since the statue was said to have miraculous power, all villages were struggling to have it. Finally the statue was tied on a muleback, and the animal was left free to go around, until it reached the village of Casamaccioli. Since then, a pilgrimage is held every year, with an agriculture and artisans fair. This is also a good occasion for debates and symposia on the Corsican identity and the economic prospectives of the island.

Festiventu – Calvi (www.lefestivalduvent.com) (Last week of October)

Seven days of concerts, conferences, symposia, creative laboratories, exhibitions, street art, with a special eye on ecologic issues. The common theme is the wind.

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