Welcome to Corsica!

Corsica is a holiday destination chosen by many for the warm and intense colours of its beaches, in unmistakable Mediterranean style (turquoise waters, white sands, green Mediterranean vegetation); others choose it because of the numerous entertainments and activities that the island offers on a relatively restrained territory (diving, trekking, climbing, canyoning, horse riding, running…); and others again go to Corsica only to run the legendary GR20, a wild and impervious path which winds along the island dorsal.

This path may simply represent a tough but gratifying trekking for the most trained climbers, while for others it can turn into a mystical experience after years of preparation, or even into a heroic deed, if during the path you are caught by bad weather or by any unforeseen event, and still you manage to cover all the length. The different approach to the GR 20 depends on how you look at it, and why you decide to undertake the path. But for anybody it remains a unique experience, if only to have the privilege of reaching one of the pinnacles on a sultry summer day, before giving up to fatigue and enjoy the panorama from a more relaxing point of observation: a sunny beach or a refreshing river shore.

But all this is just a little part, probably the most known, of what Corsica has to offer: its historic and linguistic peculiarity in the first place, which is rooted even in the remotest places of the island. This peculiarity has generated a music tradition which is still well rooted in the territory, and also a genuine local cuisine, which doesn’t reject external contaminations, but reflects in the local flavours and tastes the real essence of the Corsica soul.

Moreover, a rich calendar of cultural, gastronomic and sport events cover all periods of the year, satisfying all kinds of tourists, those who just want to spend a holiday in total idle (and Corsica is perfectly suitable for this purpose), as well as those who prefer a more active and entertaining journey.

And finally, the beautiful landscapes of the inland, crossed by a slow romantic train, to complete this lovely pattern, together with some archaeological sites, which are said to be among the most suggestive of the Mediterranean area, and the “postcard landscapes” of Filitosa, the old stone bridges, Boniface and the myriad of small villages clinging on mountains or overlooking the sea.

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